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The Greggs Foundation has been here for over 30 years supporting local organisations. Our purpose is all about Building, stronger, healthier communities and it’s at times like these we’re needed more than ever.

One of our focus areas is ensuring food is at the heart of our communities and we are working hard to make sure that those who need it most, are getting our help.

We have a small Helping Hands Fund which currently can offer supermarket vouchers and white goods, but we are looking to add to this all the time.  We will prioritise families that have felt the disruption to their income most and are struggling with children who are at home all day and always hungry!

If you need help to do a food shop or are unable to afford to repolace a broken oven, fridge, freezer or washing machine and have nowhere else to turn, take a look below.  We have limited funds but will try and help where we can.

Helping Hands Fund

Here are details of a selection of organisations that may be able to offer support during this difficult time:

  • If you are worried about money or other issues, you can contact Citizens Advice for free advice and support.
  • You can also use Turn2Us which is a free service that helps people in financial need to access welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help
  • Depending on where you or family members work or have worked in the past, for example, you may find that additional help and support is available from specific benevolent funds like Grocery Aid which provides a wide range of guidance and support to people across the whole of the grocery industry
  • You can also access UNUM Lifeworks Financial Advice at (user name: unum password: lifeworks)


One of our other focus areas is supporting local organisations who can really help make a difference, and so we have launched a Grants Programme that will offer small grants (around £500) to grassroot organisations who are out there making a huge difference at these unprecedented times. If you’re involved with or know an organisation in your neighbourhood who are, for example, out delivering care packages to elderly isolated people - or an organisation keeping in touch via phone or video calls with people suffering with mental health challenges and they need some financial support – please tell them to contact us on with details of what they are up to and how we can help.

All this takes funding – if you would like to donate so we can continue to support more individuals and organisations please visit below.

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Thank you!